HR Services

HR Services

EasyVisa is the work visa processing division of MSS Recruitment (Macau). MSSR is a leading integrated HR agency, based in Macau and providing a wide range of HR services to companies operating in Macau. Our clients range from MNCs to local enterprises and local SMEs.

In addition to work visa application services, we also provide a suite of HR solutions,

  • Recruitment
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Contract Staffing
  • Payroll and HR Outsourcing
  • Salary reports
  • Macau Labor Law Training

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Skilled Work: Visa Application

• Managerial Level Position
• Bachelor's Degree
• Manager or higher position
• 10 or more years’ experience
• 1 application for 1 headcount
• Visa is not exchangeable for a new person
• 2-3 months processing time

Non-Skilled Work: Quota Application

• Junior Level Position
• No qualification requirement
• No position grade requirement
• No experience requirement
• 1 application for multiple quota headcount
• Unlimited change of employees
• 2-3 months processing time

Failed Work Visa Appeal

Applying for a work visa (skilled work permit and non-skilled work quota) in Macau is not simply a process of filling in paperwork. It can be tricky and, if not expertly managed, the company may be met with a rejection following several months of the application process. The Macau government has a policy in place to protect job opportunities for locals. Many clients had their first applications for work permits rejected for this reason. If your application has been rejected, our experienced consultants can review your application and help prepare an appeal (within 15 days of rejection) or simply prepare a new application.

Recruitment of Overseas Employees

Upon successful approval of your work quota, we will work with overseas recruitment partners to help source candidates from across Asia. Our partners have access to a wide range of candidates in countries such as China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. They will screen candidates to find the best individual for your needs and will assist with whatever visa and immigration requirements there may be from the source countries.