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Your Work Visa
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Why Outsource Work Visa Application

The Macau economy has been growing very fast, thanks to the development of the gaming industry. Ensuring employment opportunities for local employees and benefits for the locals from this development has always been the Macau SAR government’s priority. As a result, it is challenging to gain approval for work visas for overseas employees. EasyVisa consultants are familiar with the local landscape. When you engage our services, we will increase your chances of success significantly and also save you time and money.

Why EasyVisa?

100% Success rate

EasyVisa has a 100% success rate for cases we have processed.

10+ Years experience

EasyVisa has been providing Macau work visa services for over 10 years.

300+ Cases

EasyVisa has successfully handled over 300 cases.

Individualized approach

We believe each client’s business background and human resources planning is unique. Our consultants will analyse your unique situation and propose tailored strategies to increase your chances of success.

Trusted by reputable clients

EasyVisa has received many client testimonials for achieving successful results and for our team’s professional services.

Stress-free process

EasyVisa handles the entire process from strategic planning, paperwork preparation, document submission, follow-up and result collection.


Your #1 Choice for Work Visa Application Services in Macau

Our Services

Skilled Work Visa Application
Employment Permit of Specialized Non-Resident Workers. Work visa application services for managerial level positions.
Non-Skilled Work Quota Application
Employment Permit of Non-Specialized Non-Resident Workers. Work visa application for non-skilled junior level positions.
Failed Application Appeal
We will analyse your application and prepare an appeal to the government in the event that the work visa application fails.
Overseas Employee Recruitment
We will help to source overseas employees for your approved non-skilled work quota from China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.

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Some of Our Awesome Testimonials

Having done business in Macau for 16 years, I am very well aware of the challenges in securing work visas especially during recent years. I was extremely impressed with MSS’s easyvisa services in this regard who guided and appropriately advised us at the start and pro-actively and comprehensively managed the whole process from start to finish with 100% success rate. I would certainly recommend MSS’s services in this regard.

Logistics and Supply Chain Company Executive Director

We had long heard of how challenging it is to get visas approved in Macau and were glad to be introduced to EasyVisa for Visa Processing (both skilled and unskilled) via a business associate who had highly recommended their visa application skill and track record of success. Despite EasyVisa’s reputation, we are still very anxious as the approval of the visas are critical to us as we need the import expertise to execute the large scale projects we had in Macau. When the results were out, we were so relieved and happy as our application was all, yes all 100% approved. They had analyzed our case thoroughly and carefully in order to present a very well argued case to government  where we received 100% approval. Needless to say, we are highly impressed and would strongly recommend EasyVisa for any companies who has a need for visa application.

Construction Company Admin Manager

We heard about how challenging it is to obtain successful visa application in Macau and we are concerned whether the application can be in time for our store opening. We started to engage the services of EasyVisa as they were very thorough and prompt in responding to our queries and demonstrated in depth expertise on the visa application process. Upon strategically reviewing our visa application case, they propose a number of critical advice which resulted in us getting our visa approved within a short time frame, in time for our store opening. We highly recommend EasyVisa  for their visa application track record and expertise in Macau; a truly service orientated HR Agency with excellent local knowledge.

Global Retail Brand General Manager - HK & Macau

We thought visa application was a straight forward case in Macau and with our understanding that our case are strong, we have applied and appealed for visa applications ourselves. To our disappointment, all our applications and appeals were rejected. Under this circumstances, we were introduced to EasyVisa for their Visa Application services. Due to the past rejected visa applications, we were extremely concerned that the application will not succeed due to a less than positive record with government agency. EasyVisa was assuring that they can apply for the visa from a different perspective. We were initially skeptical given our history. When the results were out, we are overjoyed as it was approved. There is no doubt of their expertise and experience in Visa Application that they get our visa approved while we tried so many times unsuccessfully. We would strongly recommend EasyVisa for any organizations that require visa application in Macau.

Electronics Firm Director

We have appointed EasyVisa to process the renewal of non-skilled work permits since 2015 as we trust EasyVisa is one of the best well-established visa services Companies in Macau. They has spent much efforts to renewal our non-skills work permits application and with their professional advice all the work permit quotas have been successfully renewed. We are thankful that the their team has a strong sense of urgency and full knowledge in compliance with Macau immigrations laws throughout the visa renewal process. Tjhey always supports and provides us excellent consultancy service. We would like to thank you EasyVisa  for their professionalism, excellent customer service, strong sense of urgency and most importantly a successful outcome.

Global Retail Brand Human Resources Manager

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time you spend to assist with our work visa application and appeal matters. We thought work visa application is just submitting the required documents but it wasn’t as we got rejected twice. Fortunately through word of mouth referral, we engaged EasyVisa to assist with our work visa applications. We find their consultants to be very professional and possess thorough understanding of the local HR practises. We are so pleased with their services that we have been recommending them to many of our business associates.

Engineering Firm Director

Work permit application in Macau is a very complicated and lengthy procedure.  We engaged EasyVisa for work permit consulting service and they totally understood our business needs as well as the local labor market. We cannot speak highly enough of the terrific level of service, the excellent attitude of their team which resulted in 100% success rate in all the applications.  I would highly recommend them as they achieved for our company what no other has been able to do in Macau.

Fitness Group Managing Director

We engaged EasyVisa for temporary work permit service for a very large number of staff needed for a VIP event in Macau.  We found their staff to be onto our needs very promptly and we wish to thank them for their professionalism, expert advice and fast service in getting all things done ahead of deadline.

International Hotel Group Human Resources Manager
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