Initial Consultation

Our consultant will analyse your business situation, give advice on your chance of success and provide a quotation.

Contract Confirmation

Should you decide to use our services, we will prepare an agreement you will sign.

Document Preparation

Our experienced visa consultant will discuss your business case, document list, and answer your inquiries such as work permit processing time, requirements etc. You will provide the required documents accordingly. It typically takes our clients 2-4 weeks to prepare these documents.

Submission Preparation

We will complete all government forms and documents for your signature. It will take 10 working days from receiving your full information.

Application Submission

We will deliver your application to the government in person. Please note that the government may require additional information while they review your case.

Application Follow-Up

It takes about 2-3 months for you to receive the results of your application. We will follow up on your case during the process and provide updates accordingly.

Application Approval

When we receive notification of your approval results, we will collect it in person from the government and email and courier you the result.

Optional Services

Following approval, we can assist you with immigration department procedures and applications for visas for family members or domestic helpers.

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